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Reimagine your business...

I also offer a complete custom design process for companies and individuals who want a more tailored solution. This can include full website design, construction, and content management. The process starts with a conversation that details specific requirements and then a prototyping cycle to ensure the brief is conveyed correctly.  I then create logo designs and full visual merchanding upon request. Most designs consist of unique styles but I'm always happy to work outside of the norm so that I can accommodate your requirements.

The Process

This is really guided by the client requirements and imagination. 

I first take your ideas and relevant inspirational images, and from these I will start designing with some original sketches.  With complete client interaction, we will then decide the desired direction and go ahead with the heavy work on adobe illustrator. From these pieces I will make your motif and images that are pixel perfect so that no matter the size of your finished print it will never be pixelated, thus giving your art piece a professional look.


Again this varies on the requirements given and the ideas to be used. I generally quote on the time taken to take these requests and reimagine them in the resulting pieces. I will always be as competitive as possible. 

 Send me an email and find out today!

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